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 The Periodicals

Number 1 – Draghi e Peonie: capolavori dalla sezione giapponese
Exhibition catalogue, it presents 183 items from the Japanese collection. With Italian-English text.
€ 14,46
  boll_02.jpgNumber 2 – Napoleone allo Stibbert
Catalogue of the arms and armour from the Napoleon period, including the costume used by Napoleon when crowned king of Italy. With Italian-English text.
€ 14,46
boll_03.jpgNumber 3 – Frederick Stibbert, gentiluomo, collezionista e sognatore
Exhibition catalogue on Frederick Stibbert and his interests as a collector. With Italian-English text.
€ 14,46
  boll_04.jpgNumber 4 – Turcherie
The Islamic collection, arms and armour, textiles and furnitures. With Italian-English text.
€ 14,46
boll_05_6.jpgNumber 5-6 – Porcellane di Frederick Stibbert
The European ceramics collection. With Italian-English text.
€ 20,00
  boll_07_8.jpgNumber 7-8 – Abiti europei
The European costumes exhibited in "The dress for the body, the body for the dress" Exhibition. With Italian-English text.
€ 20,00

boll_09.jpgNumber 9 – La Cavalcata
This volume presents the text about the Hall of the Cavalcade and its European armours by Lionello G. Boccia with brand new pictures. With Italian-English text.
€ 14,00


boll_10.jpgNumber 10 – Il Salone delle Feste
A study about the Ballroom and its XIX century paintings and furnitures. With Italian-English text.
€ 14,00


boll_11.jpgNumber 11 – Lame giapponesi
A selection of 34 Japanese swords from the Japanese collection of the Stibbert Museum. With Italian-English text.
€ 18,00


boll_12.jpgNumber 12 – Sculture lignee
A study about the wooden sculpures with special attention to the big wooden altar by Weckmann. With Italian-English text.
€ 14,00

bollettino 13Number 13 – Tsuba
A selection of tsuba from the museum'scollection. All with colour pictures. With Italian-English text.
€ 18,00
  bollettino 14Number 14 – Un inglese garibaldino
Celebrating the 150 years from the Unification of Italy we present the experience during the battles in Trentino of Frederick Stibbert in 1866, with documents and memorabilia. With Italian-English text.
€ 18,00

Other publications

dvdstib.jpgDVD: Frederick Stibbert and his museum
Documentary of 29’ illustrating the collections and the museum's history.
€ 12,00 (not available)
  dvdcent1.jpgDVD: Frederick Stibbert and his museum (centenary edition)
2 DVD illustrating the collections, the museum's history and special backstage of rooms restoration.
€ 15,00
pubb_var004.jpgThe Stibbert Museum, the house
Guidebook with colour pictures illustrating the house and the museum's building. With Italian-English text.
€ 6,50 (not available)
  pubb_var003.jpgThe arms of the Stibbert Museum
European and Islamic armouries illustrated by colour pictures. With Italian-English text.
€ 6,50
pubb_var007.jpgEuropean porcelains from the Tschudy collection
236 European porcelains from the Tschudy collection, brought to the Stibbert museum in 1914. Only Italian text.
€ 25,00
  military_civil.jpgEuropean Civil and Military Clothing
A new printing of Frederick Stibbert's book on civil and military clothing published in 1914, illustration by 217 engravings. English text.
€ 20,00 
body_dress2.jpgDress for the body, body for the dress
A catalogue of the exhibition with Islamic and European costumes. With English text.
€ 14,46 (not available)

pubb_var002.jpgHidden Emotions
Glimpses from the Japanese collection with pictures of unusual details. With English text.
€ 8,00 (not available)


pubb_var001.jpgArms at the Stibbert 1700 - 1800
Arms from the XVIII and XIX century from the Stibbert collection. Only Italian text.
€ 28,00


pubb_var005.jpgSacrilege and redemption in the Renaissance Florence
An historical case of judgement and punishment illustrated by an unusual XVI century painting in the Stibbert collection. Only Italian text.
€ 14,46


pubb_var006.jpgThe dream of a Queen
Exhibition catalogue of works of art by Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, on show at the Stibbert Museum in 2006. With English text.
€ 14,00

  pubb_var011.jpgGuerre e assoldati in Toscana 1260 - 1364
History of Medieval arms and armours seen through the battles in Tuscany. Only Italian text.
€ 15,00
pubb_var010.jpgCreating Miniature Knights
Chevalry illustrated through action figures by Greenhill e Venturi. With English text.
€ 20,00
  pubb_var012.jpgArmures du Japon: 100 pieces selectionnees dans la collection du Musee Stibbert
A selection of the most interesting pieces from the Japanese collection of arms and armours.En Francais. With English text.
€ 59,00
pubb_var013.jpgTAKEJIRO HASEGAWA and the Japanese fairy tales of the Stibbert Museum
A text on Takejiro Hasegawa, editor of the Meiji period Japan gives occasion to present the collection of Japanese fairy tales of the Stibbert Museum. With Italian-English text.
€ 25,00
  pubb_var014.jpgFrederick Stibbert - Vita di un collezionista
A book analizing the life and the work of Frederick Stibbert, how the museum was created through private letters from the Museum's Archive. Only Italian text.
€ 39,00
guidanew.jpgThe Stibbert Museum, the house (new edition)
A brand new guidebook with new pictures an updated descriptions of the museum buildings and exhibition rooms.
With Italian-English text.
€ 6,50

ebook_stibbert.jpgE-BOOK Museo Stibbert, il recupero di una casa museo con il parco, gli edifici e le opere delle collezioni
An e-book about restoration campaingns in the Stibbert Museum. Only Italian text.
€ 12,00

Guida museoStibbert Museum - the guidebook
The most complete Stibbert Museum guidebook written by the curators of each area. With Italian-English text.
€ 14,00
  Catalogo CantagalliIl Risorgimento della maiolica italiana: Ginori e Cantagalli
Exhibition catalogue on majolica by Ginori and Cantagalli, held at the Stibbert Museum. With Italian-English text.
€ 39,00
Villa Stibbert. Decorazione di interni e architettura
The transformations of the villa Stibbert from house to museum. Italian text only.
  Islam. Arms and armours from the collection of Frederick Stibbert
Catalogue of  the special exhibition held at the Stibbert Museum in 2014. Italian and English text.
Samurai! Armature giapponesi dalla collezione Stibbert
Catalogue of  the special exhibition held at the Stibbert Museum in 2014. Italian text only.
  Cavalieri, mamelucchi e samurai. Armature di guerrieri d'Oriente e d'Occidente dalla collezione del Museo Stibbert di Firenze
Catalogue of  the special exhibition held at Venaria Reale di Torino in 2014. Italian text only.
Samurai. The way of the warrior
Catalogue of  the special exhibition held at Houston Museum of Natural Science in 2014. English text.
  Il Sogno e la gloria. L'armeria di Frederick Stibbert attraverso i suoi capolavori
Catalogue of  the special exhibition held at the Stibbert Museum in 2015. Italian text only.
Wheellock Firearms at the Stibbert Museum
A selection from the collection of antique firearms of the Stibbert Museum, richly illustrated. Italian-English text.


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